Multiregional tumor trees are not phylogenies

Our comment about misusing multiregional trees in cancer is out:

Alves JA, Prieto T, Posada D. 2017. Multiregional tumor trees are not phylogenies. Trends in Cancer: 0.1016/j.trecan.2017.06.004

Here we show that multiregional tumor trees built from bulk mutational profiles ignore intratumor heterogeneity and can lead to wrong conclusions. At the heart of this is the confusion between population trees vs. gene trees (i.e., multiregional tumor trees vs. clonal trees).

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Lab wedding greetings

After 15 years and 2 sons, I am finally getting married and my lab made the funniest video ever…

Thanks guys! LOL, D


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Welcome back to Miguel Arenas, now as RyC fellow!

Miguel Arenas just started a PI position here as a Ramon and Cajal fellow, 7 years after defending his PhD in our lab. During his postdoctoral time Miguel has worked in different methodological aspects of population genetics and molecular evolution in Switzerland, USA, Spain and Portugal.. It is a pleasure to have you back Miguel!

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Welcome to Jose Luis Soto, a new PhD student!

Jose Luis Soto starts today his PhD on cancer population genetics. He got a FPI fellowship associate to pour project CANCERPOP and will be working on understanding intratumoral heterogeneity in colorecta colon cancer from an evolutionary perspective.

Welcome to the lab Jose Luis!!

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Iria’s research on the Spanish news

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Juan de la Cierva postdocs are out

Spanish postdoctoral fellowships are out (google “Juan de la Cierva 2016″). If you are interested, want to work in cancer evolution (NGS analysis mainly), and can read some Spanish (sorry) let me know! David

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MINECO Excelence grant awarded to Iria Fernandez Silva!!

Iria Fernandez Silva was awarded a MINECO (Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) grant to study speciation and hybridization of marine fishes. This research involves researchers from four different countries and combines genomics, ecology and behavioral observations to study the colorful pygmy angelfishes.

Some links:


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ERC Starting Grant for Jose Tubío!!

Jose Tubío just got an ERC Starting grant to study marine transmissible cancers!! This is fantastic news for the lab.

The project is called “SCUBA CANCERS: Finding the genetic causes of contagious metastases under the sea” Really cool stuff!

Some links:


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species tree review in barcode isse

Diego Mallo’s review on species trees in the open access theme issue “From DNA barcodes to biomes” compiled and edited by Paul DN Hebert, Mehrdad Hajibabaei and Peter M Hollingsworth is out.

Access content online at

The main TOC link when live will be

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skink paper finally out!

Congrats to Sara for the final publication of her Seychelles skink paper !! It was a lot of work.




Rocha S, Perera A, Silva A, Posada D, Harris J. 2016. Evolutionary history of Trachylepis skinks from the Seychelles islands: introgressive hybridization, morphological evolution and geographic structure. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 119: 15-36.

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