Jose Tubio moves to USC!

Jose Tubio is moving to the University of Santiago de Compostela with his team. Best wishes Jose!

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Our Christmas gathering

xmas2017 XB5

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Laura Tomás got the UVIGO academic excellence award for new PhD students!

Congratulations to our EXCELLENT Laura!

Imported File

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Evaluating the Neolithic Expansion at Both Shores of the Mediterranean Sea

The Neolithic expansion at both shores of the Mediterranean Sea was not different after all. A nice study applying approximation Bayesian computation for model selection and parameters estimation. Just published in Molecular Biology and Evolution,


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ProtASR: An Evolutionary Framework for Ancestral Protein Reconstruction with Selection on Folding Stability

A new evolutionary framework for ancestral protein reconstruction accounting for structural constraints, just published in Systematic Biology

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Forensic genetics and genomics: Much more than just a human affair

A comprehensive review on the diverse disciplines of nonhuman forensic genetics, just published in PLoS Genetics. Indeed, it is a fantastic collaboration with the lab of Antonio Amorim and Angel Carracedo: