Klaus Schliep

Postdoctoral research fellow @ Phylogenomics Lab, University of Vigo (Spain)

Contact Information

Department of Biochemistry, Genetics and Immunology
Faculty of Biology
Campus Universitario
University of Vigo
36310 Vigo

email: schliep@uvigo.es


  • PhD in Biomathematics, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand. 2009
  • Diplom in Statistics, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany. 2001


  • Phylogenomics
  • Phylogenetic methods
  • Clustering
  • Multivariate analysis


Schliep K. 2011 phangorn: phylogenetic analysis in R. Bioinformatics 27 (4), 592-593

Schliep K, Lopez P, Lapointe FJ, Bapteste E. 2011. Harvesting evolutionary signals in a forest of prokaryotic gene trees. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 (4), 1393-1405

Beauregard-Racine J, Bicep C, Schliep K, Lopez P, Lapointe FJ, Bapteste E. 2011. Of Woods and Webs: Possible alternatives to the tree of life for studying genomic fluidity in E. coli. Biology direct 6 (1), 1-21

Leigh JW, Schliep K, Lopez P, Bapteste E. 2011. Let them fall where they may: congruence analysis in massive phylogenetically messy data sets. Molecular Biology and Evolution 28 (10), 2773-2785

Boucher Y, Cordero OX, Takemura A, Hunt DE, Schliep K, Bapteste E, Lopez P, Tarr CL, Polz MF. 2011. Local mobile gene pools rapidly cross species boundaries to create endemicity within global Vibrio cholerae populations. MBio 2 (2)


phangorn Phylogenetic analysis in R (Estimation of phylogenetic trees and networks using Maximum Likelihood, Maximum Parsimony, Distance methods & Hadamard conjugation)

kknn Weighted k-Nearest Neighbors Classification, Regression and Clustering