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ModelTest paper among the top 100 in history!

Our old paper   Posada D and Crandall KA 1998. Modeltest: testing the model of DNA substitution. Bioinformatics 14 (9): 817-818.   has been ranked by Nature 76th among the top 100 all-time papers.   Not bad for such a … Continue reading

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SGWE simulator published in MBE

Our new simulator has been published in MBE: Simulation of Genome-Wide Evolution under Heterogeneous Substitution Models and Complex Multispecies Coalescent Histories SGWE simulates genome-wide sequence evolution under several substitution models that may change along the genome and the phylogeny, following … Continue reading

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jmodeltest HPC

Our HPC benchmarking on jModelTest2 has just been published in: The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 2014, Vol. 28(1) 112–125 DOI: 10.1177/1094342013495095 The performance evaluation of jModelTest2 on a 40-core shared memory system and on a 528-core cluster has shown … Continue reading

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We have developed a Cloud implementation of jModelTest2 than can be freely accessed at The Bioinformatics Application Note describing this tool is already available at: ijkey=U1UjB3gbQSJDTEe&keytype=ref

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