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job: bioinformatician for NGS analysis of SARS-CoV-2

RESEARCH CONTRACT: SARS-COV-2 BIOINFORMATICS Workplace: Phylogenomics Lab, CINBIO, Universidade de Vigo, Spain Duration: 12 months starting Sept-Oct Gross remuneration: 16,000-25,000 euros per year depending on qualifications   TASKS TO BE PERFORMED Bioinformatic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes   ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS Experience … Continue reading

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CellCoal: NGS simulation of single-cell somatic evolution

Check my new simulator CellCoal for the coalescent simulation of single-cell sequencing genotypes. CellCoal simulates the history of single-cell samples obtained from somatic cell populations with different demographic histories and produces single-nucleotide variants under a variety of mutation models, sequencing read counts, … Continue reading

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A next-generation version of modeltest

The Stamatakis lab as taken over the Modeltest series! check Modeltest-NG. ModelTest-NG is much faster than jModelTest and ProtTest but equally accurate and introduces new features, such as ascertainment bias correction, mixture, and free-rate models, or the automatic processing of … Continue reading

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paper in Nature Communications on cancer biogeography

We have published a new paper in Nature Communications where we show how statistical phylogenetics can help to understand tumoral dynamics over time and space:  

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Excellence grant from the Galician government!

We have been awarded an excellence 3-year structural grant for research groups from the Galician government. So now our GXB group has been stamped as Competitive Reference Group. We want to thank Xunta de Galicia for this support

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New PhD thesis in the lab!

Congratulations to Nuria for passing with honors her Ph.D. viva!

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New paper on germline evolution of human cancer genes by Alberto Vicens

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Comparing single-cell whole-genome amplification strategies

We finally put it together:

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Merly got her PhD

Congratulations to Merly for her PhD awarded today on NGS phylogenomics! You’ve been a GREAT student. Good luck for your postdoc at UC Santa Cruz. We’ll miss you…  

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NGS coverage and evolutionary inferences from single-cells

New paper just out @GenomeMedicine! We report the impact of sequencing depth (and sampling effort) towards variant detection, genotype accuracy, clonal inference and phylogenetic reconstruction from single-cell cancer data.

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