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MitoBank: Automatic retrieval and parsing of mitochondrial genomes

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Current version is 2.1 (Apr 07).

MitoBank is a simple perl script to obtain from GeneBank mitochondrial genomes, parse them, and store the different genes in separate files. It can be used to retrieve both coding genes and RNA genes. Coding genes might be obtained in their amino acid or nucleotide sequence. takes benefit of BioPerl.

NEW! You may also want to test the Mitobank's relative MitoGenHunter web server, made by Prado Rojas at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales. MitoGenHunter needs no installation, but offers less options to the user and does not automatically save the sequences in different files.

Operative systems
MitoBank runs on any operative system. It requires Perl and BioPerl to be installed.

Abascal F, Posada D, Zardoya R. (2007) MtArt: A new model of amino acid replacement for Arthropoda. Molecular Biology and Evolution 24: 1-5.

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