Jose Tubio | Principal Investigator

Jose Tubio’s research focuses on the impact of structural variation in cancer development, and the genetic changes that make cancers contagious between individuals.

The main focus of my research interests along my scientific career has been the impact of genomic structural variation (especially retrotransposition) on the function of eukaryotic genomes, and its role in disease (especially cancer). My research group is participating in the Pancancer Initiative of the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) and the Cancer Genome Atlas  (TCGA), to investigate the mechanisms of coevolution between TEs and cancer. In addition, I am increasingly interested in the identification of drivers of cancer transmissibility in clonally transmissible cancers (i.e., cancers that are transmitted between individuals by direct transfer of living cancer cells).







Bernardo Rodríguez Martín, PhD student

Pan-cancer retrotransposition




Eva García Álvarez, PhD student

Cancer virome




Alicia L. Bruzos, PhD student

Cancer transmissibility


Other lab members:

Pilar Alvariño, Lab technician



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Mobile DNA in cancer. Extensive transduction of nonrepetitive DNA mediated by L1 retrotransposition in cancer genomes.

Tubio JM, Li Y, Ju YS, Martincorena I, Cooke SL et al.

Science 2014;345;6196;1251343

PUBMED: 25082706; PMC: 4380235; DOI: 10.1126/science.1251343


Cancer: When catastrophe strikes a cell.

Tubio JM and Estivill X.

Nature 2011;470;7335;476-477

PUBMED: 21350479; DOI: doi:10.1038/470476a