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Jose Tubío joined the lab as RyC!

Jose Tubío just joined our group as a Ramon and Cajal fellow, coming from the University of Cambridge and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK). Jose is focused on the study of transposable elements mobilized somatically in cancer genomes, and … Continue reading

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Paper in PNAS by Iria about mites and human ancestry

A paper coauthored by Iria Fernández-Silva has just appeared in PNAS Early Edition See comments on: Congratulations Iria!  

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SimPhy paper available at SysBio!

Our paper on SimPhy, a simulator of species, locus and gene trees has been accepted in Systematic Biology and is available ahead of print at:  

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A few thoughts on cancer molecular evolution

A random walk column has been published on JME on Cancer molecular evolution. These are a few lines with some pointers about potential uses of evolutionary approaches in cancer.

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Plenarly talk at the barcoding meeting

I talked today about species trees a the barcoding meeting in Guelph, Canada    

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Science paper on HIV-1 hidden history

We have participated in a Science paper published today on the early spread of HIV-1 from Kinshasa (DRC) around 1920, and the emphasize the role of transportation, social changes and public health campaigns. The early spread and epidemic ignition of … Continue reading

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New collaborative paper on fish C3 evolution

PLoS ONE just published a paper on the C3 complement gene family, in which we collaborated with other groups to characterize its evolution. Interestingly from this side, we found an old C3 duplication common to all teleost fishes.  

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SGWE simulator published in MBE

Our new simulator has been published in MBE: Simulation of Genome-Wide Evolution under Heterogeneous Substitution Models and Complex Multispecies Coalescent Histories SGWE simulates genome-wide sequence evolution under several substitution models that may change along the genome and the phylogeny, following … Continue reading

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Sampling trip to Cabe Verde (Sal island)

hey, we just came back from another fantastic trip to Cape Verde. This time we went to the Sal Island, where we sampled several populations of Conus snails. We also did some great diving and found very nice nudibranchs.     

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paper on ABC estimation

A new paper on ABC joint estimation of recombination, substitution and dN/dS rates has just been published in Heredity.

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