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SimPhy paper available at SysBio!

Our paper on SimPhy, a simulator of species, locus and gene trees has been accepted in Systematic Biology and is available ahead of print at:  

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Welcome to Harry Detering!

Harry just joined our lab as a grad student to work on the benchmarking of clonal tree inference from cancer NGS data. He recently completed is MSc degree in Bioinformatics at the Free University of Berlin. Willkommen!

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A few thoughts on cancer molecular evolution

A random walk column has been published on JME on Cancer molecular evolution. These are a few lines with some pointers about potential uses of evolutionary approaches in cancer.

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Plenarly talk at the barcoding meeting

I talked today about species trees a the barcoding meeting in Guelph, Canada    

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Farewell to Leo Martins!

Leo Martins has recently left our lab to start a new adventure at Molly Stevens Lab at Imperial College London. There he will work on statistical analysis of Raman spectra for different applications, and probably on other things.   It … Continue reading

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Sampling trip to Cabo Verde (Boavista island)

We just arrive from our third sampling trip to Cape Verde.  We went to the Boa Vista Island, where we sampled several populations of Trovaoconus (and Africonus) snails with our colleages Rafa Zardoya (MNCN), Julio Rozas (UB), Manolo Tenorio (UCA) … Continue reading

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Two new PhD fellowships!

Congratulations to Nuria and Tamara for being awarded a competitive doctoral fellowship from the Galician Government! 2 out of 2… not bad..

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Joao Alves just joined the lab!

Joao Alves has joined our lab to do a postdoc on NGS cancer evolution. Joao comes from IPATIMUP and has worked before on human population genomics. Welcome!

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Welcome to Andrés Pérez-Figueroa

Andrés Pérez-Figueroa has joined our lab as a postdoctoral researcher to work on Conus phylotranscriptomics. Andrés is a Spanish population geneticist that comes from a neighboring lab in our department. Welcome to our lab Andrés!

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ModelTest paper among the top 100 in history!

Our old paper   Posada D and Crandall KA 1998. Modeltest: testing the model of DNA substitution. Bioinformatics 14 (9): 817-818.   has been ranked by Nature 76th among the top 100 all-time papers.   Not bad for such a … Continue reading

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